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Should You Sell Test Strips Or Not?

There are questions that some people may have about selling their test strips . However, when in doubt, do strike it out. Getting cash for test strips is indeed a good thing if you do it for all the right reasons. These right reasons are personal to the individual who is selling the test strips. Nonetheless, when you do sell them,, they do go to a very good cause and this cause is to help others. Plus, in addition, you get paid for them. Therefore, everyone wins, and this kind of winning is awesome.

Is cash for test strips legal?

The answer to this question is yes. If you are the legal owner of the particular test strips that you are trying to sell. It doesn’t matter if you have a prescription for the test strips or not. What matters is that you bought them and that is all. You can also get them from an insurance company. It is 100% legal to go ahead and resell over the counter products. These diabetic test strips are indeed over the counter diabetic supplies and free to resell to others. If you would like to learn more about test strip legalities. Please do go to to find out more if you are curious. There are lots of sell test strips site out there, but ours stands out on its own, and one of the reasons that it does stand out is very clear. We offer the top best pricing that is available for various brands of test strips that are out on the market. This translates to one thing for you and that is far more money then some of these other sites who don’t offer what we do. We offer you the highest quote possible for your diabetic test strips. Simply because we do care about you. We are in business to purchase unused strips and our prices are very competitive in every way.

How does the sell diabetic test strips process work with us?

The answer to this question is very simple and to the point. It involves a quick three-step process that is fast and easy. Any visitor to our website who is interested in selling their test strips to us can do this. You just print out the form that is available on our website and fill it out. The next step is to ship the test strips themselves out to us and that is that. The third step is that you get paid. It cannot be any more self-explanatory or easier than that. We make the purchase process very easy for all of our customers. Because we are in business to buy diabetic test strips and to make all of our customers very happy at the same time. Buying your unused and unwanted test strips is our pleasure. We are more than happy to do it and to give you the best money that we can in exchange for them. That is how our sell test strips process does work and it indeed every inch a wonderful buying experience for both us and our customers.

Do we give cash out for any kind of dibetic testing strips out there?

The answer to this question is no. We do have some requirements that must be adhered to. These requirements are also very easy and direct. We don’t purchase any test strips that are expired and which do not belong to you. So, with this said, you can only sell us your test strips that are not out of date and which you are the owner of overall. If you didn’t get your diabetic test strips by prescription, this is okay. Nonetheless, if you paid cash for them at a store, you do have to show us proof that you did pay for them out of pocket and that they are indeed yours. We don’t make a routine of buying diabetic strips that may belong to someone else you know, a family member, or even a friend. The diabetic test strips we buy, we will buy only from the original seller, and that is the only requirement we have other than that the strips not be expired. If you follow the very simple requirements for selling your diabetic test strips to us. You can be more than assured of receiving 100% payment from them that is both secure and guaranteed on all fronts. We provide prompt payment in return for your diabetic test strips. Another thing to remember is this. You can sell as many testing strips to us that you desire to. We have no limit on the amount. The one thing you must remember is this though. You may need to keep some in reserve for yourself beyond just the usual amount each month. So, with this said, do make a note of that.

We do all price quotes with customers first before shipping any payments out

The one thing that we pride ourselves on most is caring all about you the customer. We also care about you the diabetic person as well. Therefore, everything we do, where the cash for test strips goes is this. We make sure to do all price quotes with you first before shipping out payments or anything else. We want to make sure that we are always on the same page with you at all times. Customers do come first with us. A happy customer is a customer who comes back in the future and sells us more of their ununsed testing strips. Reduced pricing is given on all diabetic test strips that have expired between two and six months. However, this is only for certain brands, as we usually don’t buy expired test strips. You will have to contact us for a quote before any payment on these certain brands can be provided. You can be rest assured that you will always get the promised price from us that we quoted you. Honesty is the best policy and we deliver that with all customer transactions no matter what.

You may be asking yourself do we buy any other diabetic supplies other than strips?

The answer to this question is no, we don’t, at least not at present. If this should change in the future. It will be noted on our very informative, and detailed website, which is far more than just about how to sell diabetic test strips. We are a company that is full catering when it comes to diabetics. What this means is very simple. We care about you as both a person and a diabetic as well. We know just how tough it is to have diabetes and we thoroughly understand that you should be in the know about everything and anything diabetic. We go all out to provide the most informative information for all diabetics. This is because we want you to be well informed about this fierce disease, and also to know, it is a medical condition that can be controlled with medicine and personal intervention. The information that we provide on our website does cater to the broad need to know more and more about diabetes in every way. Therefore, do visit our site, if you you have unanswered questions or concerns about it. We will do our best to help you as much as possible.

Why should you sell your diabetic testing strips to us versus another sell test strips website?

The answer to this question has already been given. Nonetheless, what hasn’t been said is this, and that is we buy your test strips with one goal in mind. This one goal is to give you some extra cash and to help another diabetic out there who may not have a whole lot of money to pay for their testing strips. We buy unused or unwanted testing strips from you and then sell it to other diabetics who may be needing of test strips at a much lower price. We offer this to them. We are a company that is open seven days a week and we respond back to you very fast regarding the quote for your test strips. The payments we send out for test strips is also lightening quick. Those who pay us with Paypal, can also get their payment for testing strips, usually within only 15 minutes. We are the best cash for test strips company out there and this is because we strive to be the best. The caring we express comes with the territory that is our website. Do check us out to learn more about what we do. You will not be disappointed you did. The link is listed above. Thanks and God Bless!